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As the title MYCHEL MELODYE implies, this CD contains "much melody".... not a difficult task when the main content features the music of romantic Troubadours, Trouveres and other minstrels!

This CD is dedicated to the memory of David Marshall and we hope that with it we are helping him to live on through his music. We hope the tunes will awaken many memories for those who knew him and that it will bring "much melody" to all.

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The Troubadours present "Let The Feasting Begin"

Their first C.D. which contains nearly 70 minutes of Mediaeval and Renaissance music played by the group on period instruments. The programme brings together some of the favourites from their broad repertoire and has the "Feast" as its central theme. A programme of contrasts - fanfares and ceremony, music for eating, drinking and entertainment as well as quieter pieces to assist the digestion!

Cost U.K. - £12.00 including postage & packing.
Cost U.S.A./North America - U.S.$19.00 including shipping.
Cost Europe & Rest Of World - 15.00 Euros including shipping.

Customers in the UK who do not wish to pay using a credit or debit card have the option of paying Pounds Sterling by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to "V.J. Marshall" and sent to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

These samples must NOT be copied for any purpose, commercial or personal. They are here purely for potential customers as "previews" for CD's or to help decide which instrument to order.

Download a wav. audio sample from "Let The Feasting Begin" by clicking on this link.Wav. audio file from "Let The Feasting Begin (347K) (File name "feast.wav")
Download another sound sample from "Let The Feasting Begin" CD by The Troubadours by clicking on this link:
Wav. audio file from "Let The Feasting Begin" (632K - File name "dulcimer.wav") - This sample features the Dulcimer along with other instruments.


xmas cd

xmas cd

Wayting For Christmas - The Troubadours
(programme length 60mins. 41secs).

Carols bring with them their own moods, pictures and personal associations. The stock is vast, so we have chosen those which suit the instruments used. We hope you will find some old favourites amongst the selection and enjoy hearing them performed in a way which may be new to you.

It is interesting to note that many tunes known today as carols have their origins elsewhere - a catchy tune may easily be turned into a carol simply by changing the words or adding appropriate verses where none existed before. Thus, can a 16th. century French dance tune become Ding Dong Merrily on High and a song, originally intended for Spring, find itself in the middle of Winter as Good King Wenceslas. It should also be remembered that many early carols have ‘dance’ origins - Gabriel fram Heven-King being a good example of this.

A visit from local or itinerant Waites (Waytes) was once an essential part of Christmas - hence the title for this CD. Carols and seasonal greetings would be exchanged for hospitality and ‘liquid refreshment’ before moving on to the next household! (as in The Gloucestershire Wassail)

Originally, Waites appear to have been nightwatchmen but the tradition of also playing music (not just at Christmas) clearly became a profitable sideline for local musicians. A number of tracks on the recording therefore include ‘village renditions and, as was probably standard procedure in many cases, all carols are played in our own arrangements. Some original compositions are also included.

Refreshingly different sounds for the Festive Season are brought to you by The Troubadours on this new CD of Carols and Christmas Music.

Reconstructions of over 30 different types of historical musical instruments are to be heard on this collection of 27 arrangements (16 tracks).

The programme includes many of the more popular carols as well as some of the group's own compositions.

Running time: 60 mins 41 secs.

Cost U.K. - £12.00 including postage & packing.
Cost U.S.A./North America - U.S.$19.00 including shipping.
Cost Europe - 15.00 Euros including shipping.

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Music For Historical Productions -The Troubadours are also available for media work - for more information click here.

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