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'A picture is worth a thousand words…'
But the right music puts you there even before the pictures begin to roll!
roman instruments
Pic above shows our collection of various Roman musical instrument replicas.

Latest News:

June 2012: The Tudor Ruffs take part in Channel 4's Time Team. The team needed some Tudor musicians to feature in the end of day 2 summary scene at a Tudor themed dig in Suffolk. The programme was screened in Jan. 2013.

Photo shows The Tudor Ruffs on location with the Time Team team! June 2012


A Troubadours fanfare was used in Oscar winning film "Finding Neverland" which stars Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. The film won the Oscar for "Best Music Score" so in a small way The Troubadours contributed to that win!

Also, The Troubadours were also featured in Sky TV's "Brianiac - History Abuse". The prog was first shown in June 2005 and featured the band playing together and also busking outside the Clapham Grand in London. It is expected that the programme will be repeated regularly.

We provided provided help with the soundtrack for the motion picture The Gospel Of John ( Spectator magazine recently ran an article explaining our involvement - "Seeking to reflect the Roman influence on the period that the film depicts, Stephen Cera and Jeff Danna (Music Supervisor and Composer for the film) discovered Praecones Britanniae, a Cambridgeshire, U.K., group specializing in the music of Roman times. The pair duly incorporated the group into the soundtrack.".

The music from our Roman Music CD "Somnia Imperii" is regularly licensed for use in historic Roman locations and for TV programmes.

The authentic sounds for early historical period productions are very difficult to obtain.


What can we offer you?

We own and play a large collection of instruments -  woodwinds - strings - brass - percussions

Using these instruments with imagination, we can easily conjure the right mood for any scene you wish.

Click below to hear some of the sounds we can give you:

Roman (File name "copa.mp3" - 475K)
Mediæval (File name "citole2.wav" - 921K)
Tudor (File name "feast.wav" - 347K)

(We have wardrobes for each of the periods above)

Music can also be provided for any of the following periods:

(Costumes would need to be provided for these)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for specific periods. We have a wide range of early and ancient instruments with which we could well be able to provide what you need.

Medieval Music Library
Note that we can also provide sound samples or extracts of medieval, Tudor and Roman music for use on websites, in computer and video games etc. Again contact us to discuss your requirements.

Picture Gallery

Here are just a few pictures to show you some of what we can do.

Adam hart-Davis with David Marshall      portable organ

 tudor with hurdy gurdy

roman bagpiper        fiddles and harps

roman phrygian tibia


miller piper            roman cornu player

 roman procession

tudor procession

roman trio

roman tuba animal horns

To discuss your requirements contact
Lee Gillett - (01223) 926187
Valerie Marshall - (01353) 698084

Tudor Lodge, Pymoor Lane, Pymoor, Ely, Cambridgeshire. CB6 2EE. England.

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